Sweet Briar Club House

We are excited to be underway replacing the Sweet Briar Club House Siding.

We have completed more than 20 homes in the Subdivision and we were very happy

to offer the subdivision free siding material to update the club house.

The HOA chose our James Hardie Color Plus Siding. It is as beautiful as it is durable.

Our James Hardie Color Plus Siding comes pre painted, which ensures its longevity with a 15 year paint and 30 year non pro rated material warranty.

A current before, during and after Hardie Plank Siding installation



Get an estimate on Hardie Plank siding.jpeg


Our customers in Oakwood Hills home in Suwanee had defective siding and rotten trim covering a majority of the exterior. House Wrap is standard on all siding installations. It is wrapped using the largest pieces possible and is cut tightly around windows and doors to ensure minimal air infiltration energy loss , and weather protection.

Hardie Smooth Beaded Siding  was installed for this customer. All siding is installed to meet James Hardie specifications and requirements ensuring our customers receive full manufactures warranty.